Hi! I am a UX / UI designer based in Boston, MA. I work at Insight’s Digital Innovation arm where I help design great and meaningful digital experiences for clients and users, usually in ‘big X’ – healthcare, finance, pharma, universities, etc. I am the user-advocate who makes sure that our clients are designing for their users 🙂 I have had a variety of jobs including a stint as a server at a dine-in movie theatre, a communications designer and New Sector Alliance RISE fellow at a Children’s Bereavement Center in Framingham MA, and for a tense moment I had an app ‘startup’ (side project) Sealed.

I write when I feel like it! I muse about life and take myself too seriously.

Check out my design portfolio, and find me on Linkedin & Twitter.

Thanks for reading – feel free to shoot me an email at alcantrell22 at gmail dot com, I always love to learn and hear new perspectives.

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