And we’re off.

This is a blog for ideas. I’ll post ideas, ask questions, share what I’ve been thinking about. Because that’s what I do- I study, I read, I design things, and I think. I’ll start with some background. My name is Alex Cantrell. I’m 19, I study at Wesleyan University, and my roots are in a quaint suburb of Boston, MA. There are several themes in my life. I play piano; I was trained in classical piano at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, under the instruction of Roberto Poli, Sarah Tagaki, Andrew Goodridge, and several other pianists. Thus, music and piano- the aesthetics of sound- has been a major theme in my life. I also take a deep interest in art, most significantly digital art and the craft of photoshop. The background of this website is one such creation.

I also have praying mantises. I currently live with a Ghost Mantis named Darwin and an Indian Flower Mantis named… well, that’s the first question. I’ll make a poll. What should this mantis be called?

Now¬†we’re reaching the meat of this blog. IDEAS. Thinking. Why?

Time for the next post.