I love graphic design. I took a photoshop/digital imagery class in high school which prompted my interest in learning the program and its many intricacies. I also enjoy drawing (and other forms of visual art). However, I’ve never got a chance to take a class or really dedicate myself to improving.

Regardless, I have recently acquired a tablet (thanks Ma!)- which allows me to draw right into photoshop. In the same vein, I’ll be taking Drawing I and Introduction to Art History next semester. I’m excited- art is one of those things that I’ve always loved but never had time to develop. My aim is to learn how to see with an artistic eye; I don’t particularly care if I can replicate Rembrandt, but artists, through training, learn how to see the world differently.

“Innovation is about perspective shifting.”- Astro Teller, 2011


My first tablet creation: QUACK