Fundraising – first impressions

I’ve just finished a marketing/fundraising/event-planning job at Jeff’s Place, a children’s bereavement center in Framingham MA. Fundraising at Jeff’s Place was mostly outbound media that culminated in events or regularly solicited donations. Invaluable experience, but it often felt a bit hands-off, like why don’t we just go out and ask people if they’ll donate? What would happen if you did that?

So I’m trying that out: door-to-door canvassing for DDS in support of local public broadcasting – WBGH, NHPTV, NPR etc. I’m literally knocking on doors in target neighborhoods around New England within a ~60min radius of Boston. “I’m here with New Hampshire Public broadcasting, and today we’re going door to door to raise public support for… 

I love the cause and people are crazy. Both on the canvassing team and also out in the world. I love the randomness of it, there’s a real thrill in clicking with someone and glimpsing the way they live. So many dogs. A few friendly cats. Most ran away, one was exceedingly fat and fluffy. 5/10 doors open, 9/10 people say no, and 7/10 are nice about it. 1/10 are spectacular jerks.

I’ve only just had my second day on the job, but it’s a lot of walking and my feet hurt. I knocked on 87 doors today, plus about a dozen that I either revisited to see if someone arrived home or followed up with from an earlier interaction. There’s a lot of independence as we canvas alone. It’s nice to be outside, the world is a pretty place. I raised enough to make quota both today and yesterday so I’m officially on the team, hoorah!

On another note, I have received and am internally testing the first build of the Sealed iOS app. It doesn’t quite look or work right yet but progress is in motion. New website coming soon as well. Hoorah again!

One thought on “Fundraising – first impressions

  1. Hi Alex, While you didn’t literally knock on my door, I’m considering this a ‘knock’ on my cyber door. I’d like to make a donation to your organization. Please let me know how I can do so either online, or via snail mail. I’m glad you’ve continued to pursue your project idea as well. Best wishes! Maria

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