Much has transpired since I last wrote, but for the moment, I’d rather not do the semester-in-review blow-by-blow. For now, I’ll focus on the present.

Right now it’s raining, though the groundhog who lives under our shed doesn’t seem to mind. Most of Boston is probably much more frustrated, as it’s the fourth of July and the fireworks have been rescheduled for the first time in 20 years. I would be more bothered if I had ambitious plans, but this has been a family-oriented summer thus far and our only grand plan was to get Chinese food from Spice Pepper Garden down the street.

I went for a run today. It wasn’t great, as I had too-recently had cereal for breakfast and all I could hear was the sloshing of my insides. I never know what to think about when I run, or what to focus on. Oftentimes it’s, “IGNORE THE PAIN, IGNORE THE PAIN”, which immediately gets me thinking about elephants. I always keep my eyes open for animals. In the last three weeks that I have reclaimed my long-lost hobby of consistent running, I think I’ve sighted literally every animal in the northeastern food chain: lots o’ birds, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, groundhogs, a few snakes, deer errday, an anxious coyote, and a pig, though the pig had a family of humans attached to it so I guess it’s the one that doesn’t belong, though it is, in fact, an animal.

I titled this post “Post-Grad” because I assumed that’s what I’d write about, do the whole semester-in-review blow-by-blow. But apparently I’ve had other things on my mind, such as groundhogs and rabbits and the ever elusive condition of presentness. I’m reading a book about Kabbalah, and I just finished Carnegie’s HTWFAIP. The greatest book of the summer so far has been The World According to Garp, which I read savoringly, as it is just such a marvel of creativity. New goal in life: write something worthy of showing to Helen.

My job as a RISE fellow for New Sector Alliance starts in September, and until then I’m doing family and friends, going to entrepreneurship events in the city, and working on an app with a buddy. And running consistently, which feels great.

Happy 4th!

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