And thus has passed the era of Darwin, the Ghost Mantis (queen). Five days after dear Borus was consumed, Darwin mysteriously took ill and passed away in the night. I neglected to announce this tragic passing for grief’s sake— but really, Darwin lived a full and pregnant 10 months and was a loyal companion during some of the most glorious and destitute times in my life. RIP, comrade!

But linger not, dally less: new life has sprung up in my Mantis kingdom: two GIANT AFRICAN TWIG (Heterochaeta orientalis) mantids and four CHINESE MANTIDS (Tenodera sinensis). Also, for the first time ever, my two younger brothers will be adopting a chinese mantis each.


They are youthful and lively as nymphs usually are, and are eagerly (rapidly) consuming fruit flies (drosophila hydei). As both of these species are quite large (usually between 4 and 6 inches) (as opposed to Darwin, who was about 2.5 inches as an adult), their growth (and appetites) should remain quite vigorous. The African Twigs are both rather easily perturbed, and pose their scare display (like ‘VERY EXCITED’ mantis above in photo) whenever a human walks by. Sometimes I narrate them… “FEAR ME…. I AM A GIANT TWIG.” (to the tune of Beethoven’s 5th)

However, in a fitting burst of idiocy, I ordered the mantids right before we (my family) are jetting off to Amsterdam for a week. Family vacation, regrouping, art-touring, coffee-shop-living, etc. So a quick shout out to friend, mantis-caretaker, and programmer, Hunter. THANKS BUD.

Welcome to the new crew!

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