On Virtual Communities and Writing

I have so enjoyed keeping this blog. What started as a collection of random thoughts has come to be an exploration “On Topic“— that is, I have adopted a tactic of topic elucidation. As you may have noticed, there’s really no rhyme or reason to what I write, when and why. I arbitrarily select topics that strike me in some way as important or unaddressed or societally ignored, and I comment. Petty and heavy alike, good thoughts are meant to be shared, I think.

I have been literarily negligent lately. My apologies to those of you who depend on the regularity of my posts, but even during this recent spring break, I perpetually have a surplus of started projects and a dearth of time(ly motivation). In all likelihood, I will probably resume regular writing during the summer, as the last weeks of school will require quite enough essaying.

However, I am excited by a new and potential use for Mantis&Me. As I outlined recently in my updated “About” section, I wish to propone the idea of virtual community writing. The Internet gives each of us an instant podium, and I would like to invite and challenge each of you to step up and speak.

I challenge you all to choose a topic about which you are inspired, and, through writing, change my perspective on it in some way. Write a thoughtspot, attacking or disproving or suggesting or commenting on any aspect of your chosen topic—  with the goal of merely suggesting an interpretation of convention.

I will regularly feature guest posters (already three people have sent me drafts), and if you’re interested in contributing to Mantis&Me, please email me at acantrell (at) wesleyan (dot) edu.

* * *  also, notice that mantisandme.com is currently inactive- I am in the process of redesigning the blog, so for the time being, find Mantis&Me at mantisandme.wordpress.com * * *

Now for some pictures of Darwin and Uroborus (crazy right?)

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